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Blueberry Candy



Hacienda Santa Luz is a Rainforest Alliance certified estate which mixes farmland with woodland, expertise and experimentation. This coffee comes from a micro-lot on the mountainside. It is handpicked at its ripest stage and slowly dried to develop the fruity, candy-like characteristics it is named after.

Process Natural
Varietal H3
Farm Hacienda Santa Luz
Region Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Altitude 900m
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House Blend

ChocolateStrawberryToffee Apple

This is our house blend, made from components that perfectly complement each other to create a delicious drink with velvety texture, milk chocolate and sweet fruit undertones. It’s roasted to work well for a variety of brewing methods.

Brazil Daterra Sunrise, Pulped
Brazil Vinte, Natural Catuai
Guatemala El Mirador, Washed Caturra and Bourbon
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Decaf Blend

Swiss Water

Candied FigsBerriesChocolate

The initial taste of candied figs, with ripe cherries creates a rich and complex cup. Enjoyed either black, or as the base to a milky coffee.

For decaf we use Swiss water process only. It is chemical free and retains all of the flavour of the bean. Meaning you no longer have to settle for less flavour.

Process Swiss Water Decaf
Varietal Castillo, Cattura, Bourbon
Farm El Eden & Santos
Region Colombia & Brazil
Altitude 1458m & 900m
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